Go with Experience

For those looking for durability, environmental friendliness, and quality, Asphalt Recovery & Paving is ready to help in Central Oregon. We specialize in crafting paved surfaces capable of withstanding large weight and the elements without crumbling, buckling, or becoming discolored.

An asphalt driveway holds many advantages over traditional stone or concrete, mainly in ease of repair and the ease in removing stains caused by liquid spills. We are able to take old asphalt and recycle it for future use. We also use local companies for our new asphalt and materials.

Apart from maintaining asphalt surfaces, we also install new paving. Paving season typically runs from March to November, and we usually provide maintenance services such as sealing and crack filling from May to September. If you need our assistance outside of those time periods, just give us a call. We quickly respond to customer inquiries and requests, even during the off-season.

We use our talents and experience to provide homes and businesses with quality asphalt installations that fit perfectly with your desired landscaping, while providing an easy to maintain, durable surface to walk and drive on.

What Sets Us Apart

Our exceptional customer service is what makes our company stand out from the rest. Approximately 90% of our customers are referrals from people we have previously worked for, local companies and contractors, and repeat clients. 

Our customers find it a pleasure to have us handle their asphalt installation and maintenance projects. This is because we strive to always go above and beyond what is expected of us. Our company’s owner is an estimator and personally meets with customers, establishing a respectful working relationship and ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

We are a proud member of the Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA). In recognition of our accomplishments, COBA awarded us “Best New Member of the Year” in 2017. 

We also take pride in being good neighbors. As part of our efforts to give back to our community, we have donated to Bend Habitat for Humanity, as well as local and private schools in Redmond. 

Workers Working on Asphalt Road

Our Quality Guarantee

We are focused on providing the highest quality asphalt installation and maintenance services in the region, taking into account the intended use of the land and your aesthetic desires. We provide free estimates for every order, and guarantee that it will be done by our team of experienced and well-trained asphalt layers.